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Water is a necessity - cold water is a luxury!
Water is a necessity - cold water is a luxury!

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15 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $2,000.00
Achieved: $306.20

Last October all of you sponsored me to run in my first ever marathon. It was due to your support and encouragement that I managed to get through the 26.2 miles. The marathon course took us through some very scenic and historic sights of Washington D.C, although to me the most breathtaking sight was the finish line. Upon finishing I proceeded to the amazing reception tent that Johnson and Johnson / Safe Kids had put up.

Over this past year I've come to understand a lot more about training: 

For starters, in any long distance run you reach a point where the running ends and the training begins.

Also, a marathon is really two halves. It's a 21 mile run and a 5 mile run.

Lastly, there is no good way to carry enough water on the run!

Some of you were tracking my progress during last years marathon and you sent me text messages during the run. For that I am so grateful as it really helped me get through the tough parts. Some of you had phoned me prior to the race or sent me inspirational emails. Again, I am very grateful as I repeated your words to myself during the run.

A very special thanks to my wife and children for their hugs, kisses and vitamin reminders (I suck at remembering to take pills). Very special thanks to my running partners. You stayed right beside me on the hottest of days.

And thank God for keeping me injury-free so I can continue to contribute.

Sunday September 26th - completed the Toronto Marathon. I figured if I complete the Toronto Marathon successfully I will feel competent enough to ask for your donations to Safe Kids.

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